A holiday of their own

The page stares blankly at me, but I’ve decided today, ‘Ki kuch bhi ho jaye, I’m going to write something today’, and so, just as resolutely as the page stares at me I stare right back. My fingers are poised on the keyboard, and I go, ‘Did you know’ and I stop. Press backspace. Till the blinking cursor has reached home again. (Oh come on, my inner voice taunts me, what do you mean ‘Did you know?’ Of course, everyone knows. Everyone.)

And so I try again. This time I say, ‘The exams are able to start again’ and I sit back for I have no clue on what to write after that. I have been hit by the writer’s block, something bound to happen when you want to connect with the words after a gap of five months. Of course, at that time I had told myself that I was taking a writing holiday, a break away from the world of words, so that I could come back refreshed, not clichéd. But little did I know that once I was back from that holiday, the words would decide to take one such vacation of their own.

‘Oh please come back from your holiday’ I implore to those words that are hanging out there, perhaps jeering, sneering and laughing their heart out at me. They’ve grouped themselves in non-nonsensical combinations, of that I’m sure.

But today, I’m going to lure them, by hook, crook or sinker. I know that isn’t the phrase, but its a mistake I’m not planning to correct. For its the words that are lining up that way. And, I’m going to write them, so that they are lured back to tell the story I want them to say.

‘It’s not easy to be a mermaid’ I begin once again. And then my finger shifts again, back to the backspace. I sigh. ‘It’s not easy to be a writer’, I amend the sentence, because that’s the reality. ‘It’s not easy to be a writer, when your words are taking a holiday of their own.’



About Jaya Siva Murty

I am an author, a freelance writer, social media consultant and a full-time mother of two little kids. After a short span of working as an advertising copywriter, I went on to write for daily publications and magazines. I love writing poetry and fiction and am also the proud author of my first novella called 'Canvas of Dreams' at www.indireads.com
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