In sense with Incense

We have all burned incense sticks at some point in our lives. The fragrance and the effect aroma has on us are not just soothing but elevating as well. But have we ever stopped to think about how these are made to give such a soothing consistent smell. Perhaps there is a lesson to learn here.

The beauty of incense lies in its quality of fragrance and on how it burns. To get a perfect end result, the maker would need to take a thin bamboo stick and roll it in the mixture of aromatic incense materials. Often just one or two fragrances are used, as complex blends lead to a confused fragrance. Pure water and resins are then added to the mixture to help it bind. A thin combustible resin base is applied over the bamboo is also often needed to ensure that the aromatic materials adhere well to that stick and burn well along with the stick.

We are such in life as well. The bodies we have are like that bamboo stick, needing to be rolled in and dipped into the ocean of varied knowledge. The fragrance we emit deepens with the depth and quality of what and how we learn. The person who does a little of everything without deepening his/her sphere in any one area is like that confused incense with mixed fragrances. And the beauty of what we learn and gather through our life is of no use, till it is put to test. We must all burn, like the incense, to be able to give to the world what we have learnt. Some of us take just a few minutes to make our mark, some of us take years in the pursuit. But to ensure that we burn just right, without getting extinguished or bursting out, we need to keep our soul in tandem. For it is the resin that binds our body to our mind, and ultimately brings us peace


About Jaya Siva Murty

I am an author, a freelance writer, social media consultant and a full-time mother of two little kids. After a short span of working as an advertising copywriter, I went on to write for daily publications and magazines. I love writing poetry and fiction and am also the proud author of my first novella called 'Canvas of Dreams' at
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